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30th August 2015  |  General fashion, Planning your wardrobe

Planning your wardrobe for the new season

A new season - a fresh start



Planning your wardrobe for the new season. It will be September 1st  in two days time.

Despite what the weather may whimsically decide to do, I always think that September is the beginning of a new season. A back to school, new term feeling.

I find that before the new season gets into full swing I like to edit my wardrobe in preparation for the new arrivals. I find that planning pays off in the long run.

With regard to new purchases here are a few guidelines that may help. You have probably heard many of them before. Personally I like to be reminded often so that I do not veer too far off course.


1. If there’s only one thing you remember it should be: “buy less, buy better”.
2. Don’t buy now: research has shown that we get a lot of pleasure from thinking about something. Think like you’ve bought it. Often, by the time you’ve come to actually buy it, you might well have changed your mind and decide that you do not really need/want it.
3. Never buy anything you like. Only buy things you love. Never buy anything that almost looks amazing. Only buy something that absolutely looks amazing. If you have an issue with even one little thing, don’t buy it.
4. The first place to shop should always be your wardrobe.
5. Be a strict custodian of your wardrobe. If possible have a one in, one out rule. Decide on a maximum number, and stick to it. (I am not so good on this one). If this is too difficult you might like to pack some items away for a while before discarding.
6. Keep your wardrobe neat and tidy. Make sure that the right garments are hanging next to each other. This helps turn randomness into order..  Work shoes next to work shoes, trousers next to trousers etc.

I stress that these are only guidelines everybody is individual and likes to do things differently. However I have found my life much easier and my wardrobe more manageable since I have implemented at least some of these rules.

Not only am I beginning to plan my new season wardrobe I am also thinking about scheduling my blog posts for the next few months.

I would love your help to do this.

I originally set up Chicatanyage in 2009 with the aim of inspiring  mature women to continue to have fun and enjoy fashion. I see my role as doing the “leg work” or these days with the internet “finger work” and offering you options that will help you plan your wardrobes and maybe try some styles that you might not otherwise have thought of.  To help you develop your own individual styles and continue to look the best that you possibly can at any age.

Please let me know what you would like more of less of or any topics you would like me to add that I may not have thought of.

I know we are all busy so to make it quicker and easier here is a list of current topics. Feel free to add to this list.

  1. How I put my looks together i.e..images of me.
  2. Polyvore outfits. Those are the ones where I show how items might work together to form a capsule wardrobe.
  3. News and views from France. How french women dress (only available when I am in France)
  4. Advice on beauty – beauty products.
  5. Role models – older women. Although I find that we all seem to be using the same women repeatedly.
  6. Other – I am sure there must be something under this category I just can’t think of anything right now.

Either leave a comment or email me at Chicatanyage(at)

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support and comments. It really makes the sometimes solitary task of blogging all worthwhile.





26th August 2015  |  General fashion, Planning your wardrobe, Trousers

How to wear wide trousers

How to wear wide trousers - 1930 styleWide trousers 1930s style


How to wear wide trousers.

Wide trousers have been around for decades. The masculine look. Their popularity waxes and wanes. Recently they have taken a back seat as we have embraced the slimline and skinny styles. However they have been slowly gaining ground over the last few seasons and are centre stage for autumn/winter 2015.

For me they have never totally lost their charm and I still have 3 pairs in my wardrobe from Armani Collezioni that I have owned for about 10 years. I occasionally pack them away but can’t bring myself to get rid of them. They still fit well and they will be re-worked again this year.



How to wear wide trousers - YSL 1970s


Wide trousers 1970s style – YSL



Personally I think wide trousers look best teamed with simple structured shapes. You will have to be careful with the overall proportion which will need to be adapted to your height and figure shape. If you are petite you can still achieve the look provided you do not go too wide.



How to wear wide trousers - cream jacket

Wide trousers teamed with short cream jacket. I found a nice one at MandS.



How to wear wide trousers - Black

Wide wool trousers worn with classic polo neck.



How to wear wide trousers - white shirt - black trousers



A classic look with a crisp white shirt. In my opinion one of the best ways to wear wide trousers is with a white shirt. A good selection can be found at Landsend.



How to wear wide leg trousers - blue jeans


I love this casual laid back look.

All images from Pinterest








24th August 2015  |  Beauty at any age, Fashion Flash Monday

Monday Musings and Fashion Flash

Youthful vitality hair care



I had the pleasure of giving a talk at the Dove Youthful Vitality event last week about my experience of growing older. The event was held in conjunction with the Telegraph and was an incredibly uplifting experience. The room was full of vibrant women of over 45 all willing to share their wisdom and celebrate age.

I love my thickening essence, although I am genetically blessed with thick hair it is beginning to get thinner.



How to revitalise your hair

Vitality BB cream available at Superdrug

Hair vitality thickening cream available at Superdrug






Now pop over to Fashion Flash for more information on youthful vitality and living life to the full at 40 and over. In fact let us celebrate whatever age we are.

This weeks host is Pam of Over50feeling40. Pam is certainly a women who is full of youthful vitality and confidence. She has had the courage to re-invent herself many times in her life and is willing to share her wisdom regarding getting older with all of us on her blog. Join her and the other Fashion Flashers here.




23rd August 2015  |  Accessories, bags, Coats

How to buy forward for autumn at sale prices

Buying forward for autumn - classic coats


How to buy forward for autumn at sale prices.

I had lots of time yesterday to surf the net. I will reveal at the end of this post the reason for this abundance of time.

I am contemplating the possibility of replacing my classic and now several years old winter coat. On my travels I checked out The Outnet and came across some classic styles at greatly reduced prices. Some had only a few sizes left but it is worth checking.


Left – Wool crepe coat at The outlet

Right –  Classic black pique coat at The outlet




How to buy forward for autumn - short coats

Left – Double breasted wool blend coat at The outlet

Right – Textured wool blend coat by Joseph at The outlet



Red will be a very fashionable colour for next season. I can wear a touch of it however probably prefer to accent my neutrals with a bold red handbag. I found a couple of great ones again both classics and reduce price points.



How to buy forward for autumn - Red bags




Left – Red leather shoulder bag at The Outlet

Right –  Marc Jacobs textured leather tote at The Outlet


The reason for this abundance of time was because I was waiting nervously and patiently for my third grandchild to arrive. He made his entrance to this world four weeks early at 4.00am this morning.

I am off to the hospital to say hello and welcome him to this world.




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