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6th July 2015  |  Fashion Flash Monday

Fashion Flash and how to apply make-up for glasses.


A great video on how to apply make-up for glasses popped into by inbox at the week-end; so I thought that I would share it with you . It is by Lisa Eldridge, in my opinion she is a great make-up artist and shares her practical and inspiring  tips on her website.

Putting make-up on when if you wear glasses can be very tricky. I now wear contact lenses so it makes applying make-up a little easier, provided I have put my contacts in otherwise I can’t see a thing.


Fashion Flash - Fashion, beauty & lifestyle on-line magazine magazine for 40+ women


I don’t know about you but I find in the summer when the weather is very hot it is quite difficult to stick to my exercise regime. It is much more tempting to lie on a lounger and read a book. For extra motivation on how to continue to keep fit this summer check out Mirabai’s site MovingfreewithMirabai, she has some great advice.

Mirabai is also this weeks Fashion Flash host where you will find links to other experts in their field on how to make the most of your life after 40.




3rd July 2015  |  bags

How to buy classic handbags in the sales

Shopping in St Tropez summer 2015



How to buy classic handbags in the sales. I am currently in France enjoying the sunshine or should I say heatwave, so have not been doing a lot of sale shopping this season. However when I was in St. Tropez the other morning I noticed that many of the shops were already “on sale”.  This is unusual in France. As far as I am aware the sales do not officially start till mid-July.  In order not to transgress this law many of the shops call their sales “promotions”.


If I do any sale shopping I stick to my rule classic, classic, classic. No one season wonders. Always buy something that you love, that fits well in your wardrobe and that you might not be able to afford at full price.


Classic accessories that will last for many years definitely come into this category. My special weakness is handbags. I love good leather and this usually comes at a price. If you buy a neutral colour like black, navy, tan or brown in a classic style you can not really go very far wrong. If you are thinking of replacing an old worn out black handbag ready for the autumn this might just be the time.


I have had a search and come up with a few that you might like to consider.



30th June 2015  |  shoes, Style inspiration

Summer sandals that are cool and practical

Blue jumpsuit and birkenstocks




Navy Birkenstock sandals




Summer sandals that are cool, practical and good for my feet. Not easy to find. I currently have a good selection of flat leather summer sandals; however I am beginning to find that they are not doing my feet any favours, especially walking over the rough cobble stones in the village. The soles are too thin and they are not offering any arch support. I have tried wearing my sneakers but they are much too hot in 30c+.

So I took myself off to St. Tropez in search of summer sandals that were both cool, practical and offered some support. I know that Birkenstocks are love or hate for some of us and they do still have that aura of “hippy vibe”. On the other had have a nice thick rubber sole and offer some arch support so I bought a dark navy pair. I am finding them extremely comfortable and cool.

Personally I think that they go well with a long cotton dress or skirt and my linen trousers. These days they also come in some very vibrant colours and even in prints.


Blue jumpsuit by Lorraine Kelly at JDWilliams
Nordstrom have a good selection of Birkenstocks






29th June 2015  |  Fashion Flash Monday, Skincare

Monday Musings and Fashion Flash

Bioderma Hydrabio Eau de Soin



I love french pharmacies. Whenever I pop into our local one I always seem to find a miracle new product. I have been  a fan of the Bioderma range for some years now and always used to stock up when in France. We are now beginning to have a few select products available in London which is helpful.

I had not come across this little beauty before. It is a lovely cooling spray that you can spritz on your face any time of the day. It seems to set your make-up, cool you down and add a much needed extra sun protection layer. I still always put my SPF50 on in the morning but this is a useful top up during the day, particularly if you are on the beach.

You may not speak french but I am sure you will get the gist from this video.






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Now pop over the Fashion Flash. Our host this week Bobbi Palmer, who shares invaluable tips on how to date like a grown up.


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Join her and the rest of the Fashion Flash Group for advice from around the world aimed at inspiring  women of 40+ to look and feel great and life their most fulfilling lives.





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